SCHEDULED PICK UP AND DELIVERY. WALK-IN BY APPOINTMENT. Next door at Stars we're stocked with SUCCULENTS, HOUSEPLANTS & other goodies for plant & flower lovers.



Every event I flower receives the utmost attention to detail and will meet my incredibly high standards; my goal is to exceed your expectations. Whether it is a small, intimate wedding, large, corporate event or a styled shoot to we will be working together to reach the clarity of concept required to create something truly extraordinary.

Whether you have a lot of specific ideas or just a loose concept I will work with you to create a personalized vision so I can design flowers for your event that will surpass your expectations. You won't have to worry about a thing if you don't want to; make as many or as few decisions as you like, I'll handle all the details and make it look amazing.  Whether your event calls for fun and casual designs, something sophisticated and elegant or even wild and whimsical; I will work with you to plan floral arrangements and bouquets that are as unique as you are.

I've done weddings of all shapes and sizes, and bring my signature style to your concept and color palette. I know lots of ways to create designs that will add striking emphasis to this memorable occasion big or small. I also love problem solving and coming up with new ideas so don't hesitate to reach out if you've got a fun project, installation or styling idea you'd like to discuss. 

Give me a call at the studio 503.236.4286 I'm usually there in the afternoons and in the evenings.  Or you can enter your contact info below and I'll get back to you very soon.