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The year round cutting garden.... Hopefully the third times the charm; I've tried typing this up and posting it and it keeps disappearing (???)so, here we go, again (at least for me) I am often asked what I would plant if I wanted to ALWAYS have something lovely to cut. Mind you, I am not a gardener but, I am eternally grateful to those who are; whether it's professionally or as a pastime. Without them I would have so much less available to me as plants and flowers are both my medium and my muse. I'm blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest where we have small flower farms popping up all over and some lovely friends that let me...

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The year round cutting garden.... While the winter months are certainly leaner and less bountiful than spring, summer and even autumn there is still plenty of beauty out in the natural world. As promised, every month I'm going to list a few suggestions of what I would put in my garden to ensure I would always have something beautiful to cut and play with. By the end of the year we should have a whole roster of lovely perenniels that once planted will come back year after year better each time; many of which actually perform better as a result of occasional pruning. We are still in what I like to call stick season. Blooming branches are everywhere! The trick...

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About Valentine's

Waaaaay back in 1999 I was about to experience my very first Valentine's Day as a florist. I was trying to wrap my brain around what to buy with pretty much zero guidance from my boss; a business owner who'd already checked out and had apparently been trying to sell the business for the entiriety of my 9 months working there. I'd been in charge of buying for a few months and was told I should just order what they'd ordered last year because they'd sold out. Sold out? But then, shouldn't we buy more? Well, no, they just wanted to sell out because they hadn't found a buyer and planned to close after Valentine's Day UNLESS- I wanted to...

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One of the things I get asked most often is "what should I plant? ( in order to have great things to cut?) At least once a month I'm going to dig into what local flowers, foliage and textures I'm using, show you my favorites and what I'm doing with them. While I'm not a gardener so I can't advise on how to grow them. I can curate a list for you of the plants that I would most want to see in my cutting garden. Current favorites I'd recommend are: Tulip or Star Magnolia Dogwood- Any kind! Right now buds are showing up on the flowering varieties that will pop open if brought indoors Fantail Pussywillow Deciduous Huckleberry By...

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How's this going to look?!?!?

Being in a business that is primarily about how things look I've allowed myself to get pretty hung up on appearances. It's understandable to be preoccupied with how things look when your job is creating something beautiful meant to impart a message of sympathy, celebration or love. But at this point I've been translating feelings into flowers for so long I'm not sure I know how to use my words anymore. Every month I struggle to make myself sit down and write a blog post and send out an email about what's going on. Sometimes I get an email out, I seem to almost never get to the blog post so here we go: working on using my words.  Somehow...

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