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BY THE BUNCH floral alchemy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about the times for which there are no words?


for all the times for which there are no words.

Inspired by the natural world, all of it's diversity and a fondness for foraging and curating the unexpected and the unusual, at By the Bunch we strive to take full advantage of the bountiful flora available from local growers and gatherers although, an adventurous aesthetic sometimes requires looking beyond our regions borders. 

By the Bunch is a dynamic design studio and occasional botanical bodega we are passionate  about sourcing the freshest and most interesting flowers, foliage, plants and other organic oddities for use in the creation of our custom orders. Each arrangement is made to order from our carefully curated collection of seasonal blooms, botanical specimens and other ecological ephemera. We believe each arrangement can tell a story, what do you  want yours to say?              

  While we love to share what we've found so you can play too, making flowers available by the stem isn't always possible; the best way to make sure you can get your hands on some of our current selections is to order online or call ahead to see what we have available. Call 503.236.4286 to see if we are in the studio or can get something put together for you to be ready to go when you arrive.

We also offer delivery all over the Portland-metro area with a little bit of notice(next day almost always! but give us a call, sometimes we can make it happen sooner)


After over 20 years in floristry she is well versed in varied styles of floral design from lush, classical, elegance to hip, quirky and modern Rachel has developed a style she likes to call modern, organic& whimsical. It's a style that is most notably influenced by the seasons and by the flowers themselves. A recovering perfectionist, she's found that the most important thing flowers have to teach us is that working with them is a dance and you have to let the flowers lead. It's an innovative and ever evolving style that highlights a passion for combining colors and textures in artistic and unexpected ways .