SCHEDULED PICK UP AND DELIVERY ONLY; NO WALK-IN SALES, But our space next door at Stars is freshly stocked with all sorts of SUCCULENTS, HOUSEPLANTS and even some GARDEN PLANTS other goodies for plant and flower lovers.

First Friday Again?!?!?

Welp, it happened again and here it is, almost the first Friday of another month and I haven't written up a blog or even considered bringing up the idea of a monthly open studio/ workshop/ class or demonstration with you all. How is it that my head gets so far ahead and aside from what I am able to even put into written words? Guess it's my ADD that keeps me distracted with every sparkly squirrel I see zipping around. It's part of why I decided to set one day each month to do a thing in hopes of structuring in some accountability....

SO! FIRST FRIDAY FLOWER CLUB is happening whether I've promoted it properly or not. If you know me very well you know I'm not big on most holidays and the fact that I feel like I'm always playing catch up certainly has a lot to do with it. I think it is also my resistance to being told what to do even though I know that most holidays are just a yearly reminder to do things we should be doing anyways: Practice gratitude, gather with friends and family, share gifts. Somehow as soon as it becomes a requirement or an expectation I just want to do the opposite. Bah humbug!  



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