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First Friday Flower Club

 Remember looking forward to Fridays?

Remember when you could keep track of what day of the week it even WAS?

When weekends were something to be excited about?

Want a reason to look forward to Fridays again?

OK, maybe not EVERY friday...

Maybe something at the beginning of the month that marks it's arrival in a positive way?

Say hello to First Friday Flower Club!  

Ok, I've been 'soft opening' this idea since Mother's day but it seems like every month there's a holiday, heat wave or new outbreak to worry about. Apparently August is no exception as we start the week with 90+ degree days it's not the most ideal weather for flowers...BUT,  I'm working on a small wedding plus the usual delivery orders this week anyways so if  I'm going to be in there working I may as well be open; kind of like the old days again and we'll see how it goes.

Eventually, I hope to make the First Friday Flower Club just like the old days when you could come in, pick out your own stems and play, visit a bit, and see what I've been up to. Even though I've been vaccinated new developments have me nervous about sharing small spaces so, weather permitting I'll put flowers outside or near the front door so you can see what there is to play with even if you can't come all the way in. I'm also thinking about inviting some of the small growers I like to buy from if they are interested. Something like an open house/open studio time so maybe those of you that used to just buy stems to arrange yourself would be able to get local flowers direct from the small specialty growers that I like to buy from. We shall see....

For this month's First Friday, August 6, I'm starting small and slow because, if you know me at all, you know that's how I roll. Also on brand for me, things will shift as I just try figure it out as I go...

I'll be in the shop Noon-8 and you can pre-pay by clicking on First Friday Flower Club for and choosing from the different budget/size options; subscribe if you want to make it monthly or even weekly. Let me know in the 'anything else you want to tell us?' box if you'd like to have something ready and waiting or if you want to pick them out yourself when you get here. You can also order regular Vase Arrangements or Wrapped Bouquets too. I've even spruced and stocked the plant section next door at Stars but they close at 6. I'll be putting together summery sunflower based centerpieces throughout the day, if you want to see me in action, I may even try to get the process on video as I try to break some of my covid re-enforced reclusive habits. Sign me up for coming out of hiding once a month!

I can't wait to talk to you about what I'll be adding to the website next, but here's a hint:  I want to help you get the most out of that awesome yard you've been working on through lock-down. Or, maybe you don't think your yard is that great, I've got ideas for you too! Odds are you have a whole lot more than you think you do. 

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